Tribeca's Complex Infomation

LK Rubber Industrial City Hub

The complex will be supervised by Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). All supporting infrastructure and daily work practice shall be complied with IEAT's regulation. However to make it more environmental friendly, the complex will provide extra facilities, such as:

  • Reservoir capacity 3,680,000 cu.m.
  • Two stages wastewater treatment
  • Sequence Batch Reaction + Constructed Wetland
  • Ten meters wide Protection strip, etc.

Eco Industrial Estate & networks

Eco Industrial Estate & Networks refer to a sustainable industrial development based on the balance of the economy, the environment, society, legal compliance and technological possibilities by

  • Reducing the use of resources and energy or using them efficiently as well as minimizing waste emissions while maximizing production capacity
  • Being a part of and being accepted by the surrounding community in order to enhance the quality of life of the people within the community and the environment as a whole
  • Cooperation between industry operators, industrial estate developers, local government authority and the community to create common benefit

The benefits of an Eco Industrial Estate & Networks

  • Environment
  • Community, Society
  • Industry, Companies, Business, Economy


  • Efficiency use of natural resources/ energy
  • Reduce waste and pollution
  • Decrease waste to landfill
  • Energy saving
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce the use of toxic chemicals, respectively

Community, Society

  • Expansion of local business
  • Create a new job and career from new business
  • Opportunity for career and education
  • Reduce effective of environment to community
  • Have a good health & mind
  • Companies, factories that have good responsibility and attitude to public
  • The pride of the community

Industry, Companies, Business, Economy

  • "Recycle" policy make decrease cost of doing business, reducing production cost, and optimize the use of raw materials and energy
  • Expansion of waste business
  • Improve environment's control
  • Create brand's image
  • Cooperate with other factories to manage waste elimination, react emergency case, environmental information, training, procurement system, etc.

IEAT Investment Privileges

Increase Your Invesment
In the I-EA-T Free Zone and the General
Industrial Zone (GIZ)
To improve effectiveness and efficiency of an industrial estate to be a potential and performance-enhancing tool for investors and business operators, the I-EA-T Act B.E. 2522 [1979] was amended and re-enacted as the I-EA-T Act (No.4) B.E. 2550 [2007], in conformity with today's dynamic Marketplace. Potential of investors, thus, are boosted by a wider spectrum of privileges and facilities that make each industrial estate an ideal strategic production and service base to heighten competitiveness of both business operators and industrial estate developers. Under the amended Act, industrial estates are divided into two zones:

  • General Industrial Zone (GIZ)
  • I-EA-T Free Zone

Superb Benefits,Excellent Services
With the amended Act, business located within I-EA-T will get more privileges as well as additional services that will help increase business potential.

Invesment in General Industrial Zone (GIZ)
Investors in the I-EA-T's GIZ are eligible to the following opportunities, alternatives and privileges:

  1. Permission to Operate Service and Trading Business in the GIZ
  2. You business opportunity is now increased by operating service and trading business in I-EA-T's GIZ. Industrial operators in the GIZ, therefore, will be accommodated by comprehensive service essential for industrial operation such as transportation, warehouse, training center, clinic and more. These service and trading business operators shall be entitled to own land required for their operations.
  3. General Privileges for Operators in the GIZ
    • Permission to own land in an industrial estate
    • Permission to bring in foreign technicians and experts to work in Thailand
    • Permission to bring in foreign technicians' and experts' spouses or dependents to stay in the country
    • Permission to remit foreign currency out of the country

Invesment in I-EA-T Free Zone
Under the most recent I-EA-T Act, investors in the I-EA-T Free Zone are entitled to more tax privileges and other preferences, as follows:

  1. Privileges
    • Operators in the I-EA-T Free Zone are afforded the unconditional privilege of exporting products, and added convenience in bringing items or raw materials into the I-EA-T Free Zone.
    • Items taken into the I-EA-T Free Zone are entitled to better tax and duty privileges
      • Relief of tax burdens for products taken out of the I-EA-T Free Zone for domestic use or consumption. Contrary to the previous Act, its contents or components or raw materials, if produced domestically, shall be entitled to exemption of taxes and duties.
      • Operators in the I-EA-T Free Zone are still entitled to privileges indicated in the previous I-EA-T Act, as follow:
        • Tax incentives including exemption of import/export taxes and duties; value-added tax (VAT); as well as excise taxes on machinery, equipment, components, raw materials, and supplies used for the production of goods, and on other merchandise.
        • General privileges consisting of rights to own land; bring in foreign technicians, experts their spouses and dependents; as well as to remit foreign currency back to their home countries.
  2. Operational preferences
    • Permission to import into Thailand or bring into the I-EA-T Free Zone merchandise and raw materials for the production of goods or trading or service. Importation of such materials is not restricted to only industrial or business operators.
    • Permission, for the production of export goods, to bring supplies or raw materials into the I-EA-T Free Zone for manufacturing, mixing, assembling, packing or any other operations, not requiring any import permits or particular seals or symbols, and with exemption from standard and quality control requirements under any other laws – except the customs law.


BOI Investment Privileges

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